My Prayer and Meditation Garden!
The ' Inner Me' . A journey where you will discover your true identity by delving deep into your core values and beliefs, cultivating emotional and mental stability along the way.
Inspired by

The Essential Teachings of Mother Teresa.
Strengthens me and gives me wisdom.

The Way of Love:
1 Corinthians 13: 1-8
Prayer & Meditation Bible Verse practice.

The Red Roses in my garden symbolize the passion, love and sacrifice of Jesus for us. A reminder that I should prepare to die, the same way Jesus did, to have eternal life. My commitment and devoted love for God, the Family and the Community will help me not only to love myself and others selflessly, but also will lead me to heaven.


ARE YOUR CORE VALUES IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR BELIEFS?Our actions reflect our true core values! We should evaluate ourselves often enough to keep our core values and beliefs in balance. We need to develop good practice of self-control and discipline to have commitment and devoted love for God, ourselves, the family and the community. Only living with an open heart, we learn how to love others selflessly climbing the ladder of love. Like red roses need the right soil and water to thrive, we all need attention, care and the correct environment to feel loved and thrive. It is essential to establish a good relationship with our Heavenly Father and prioritize his relationship for guidance and protection to love others deeply; He is our first source of love and will help us to care for our relationships, especially for those around us.

Constant Prayer, Constant Practice!
Luke 18: 1-8
Luke 11: 5-13
Prayer and Meditation Bible Verse practice.

Blue Eye Sunflowers in my garden symbolize faith and adoration. Finding my own identity and embracing my individuality through constant prayer and constant care for others help me not only to grow personally but also to be an authentic person maintaining communion with myself and others.

Steadines & Equilibrium

When our core values and beliefs are not in alignment, we experience emotional unbalances causing anxiety depression leading to erratical behaviors. So it is imperative to bring our core values and beliefs into alignment to find balance in life. God is the owner, giver of life and healer. He will take care of us and help us to accomplish our mission of life. Our Heavenly Father not only gives us wisdom and knowledge, but also heals us in his devoted love for us through our constant prayer. Like my Blue Eye Sunflowers need water daily to grown and germinate, we need to pursuit a daily relationship of everlasting prayer with our Heavenly Father, and also a daily relationship of constant care for others to live a fulfilling life contributing to personal growth and emotional stability. We feel better when our lives are important to our loved ones and people around us. When we compliment each other and value our efforts daily, it makes us happy and gives a sense of purpose bringing balance and steadiness to our lives. Furthermore, we must develop intimacy and intimacy requires time and effort, so it is important to take time to let the relationships grow for the correct reasons and most importantly, taking time to know a person or people around us who is compatible with our core values and truly love us. Developing stable and caring relationships, not only will give us steadiness and equilibrium, but also It will help us to achieve God's plan for us.

Stay Strong!Jeremiah 1:5, Romans 5:2-3
Hebrews 10:36
Prayer and Meditation Bible verse practice.

Cactus and Succulents in my garden symbolize the warmth, unconditional enduring love of our Heavenly Father for us. Our Lord overcame death and gave us resurrection through his passion and suffering on the cross. Enduring patience and receiving his promises give me strength and courage to overcome obstacles during difficult time.

Endurance & Resilience

Developing a good relationship with God, ourselves and others takes time and requires self control and discipline. We must endure life difficulties bouncing back with resilience, building character. Patience is a virtue that helps us overcome life shortcomings and helps us not only to achieve God's plan for us, but also receive his grace remembering that both, our essence and strength come from within us. We are children of God and have been created at his image and likeness, powerful and wonderfully made to walk alongside him. He gave us dominion over the earth and we should remain strong honoring this position. At GETHSEMANE, Jesus prayed for strength and courage to be able to go through cruxifixction. Join him in prayer at Gethsemane when you feel lost and without purpose. He will give you his strength, peace and will keep you by his side along the way.


Angela J. Arrieta

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